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Pastor Stephen Allen, Sr

To say a few things about myself:

I discovered as a teenager that life can be pretty difficult to manage without some sense of direction. So, after many attempts of trying to make life successful by way of a secular approach, I discovered that my way of thinking was not an asset instead it became a liability. So, with hope almost gone and feeling that life is an impossible task that could never be conquered, I felt that I must give GOD (Christianity) a try. As the bible says "O, taste and see that the Lord is good".

Now I am happy to say, that I gave my heart to Jesus and have followed his precepts, my life has never been the same. I discovered the answers! I didn’t need success, I needed Everlasting life.

During this time of my Re-birth ,  I also discovered an overwhelming passion to share this great news with others. I felt that if there are others who felt hopeless like me, then; maybe I can help them by sharing what I have learned. So, I dedicate my life to teaching and sharing with others that there is hope for your life and that Peace & Joy are attainable. All, through a GODLY approach!

In April of 2001, GOD blessed me to start the church that I pastor today, “Truth & Holiness”. 

The name says it all. Our ministry is dedicated to serving GOD to his glory and striving to better our relationships with HIM. In turn, GOD has given us above & beyond that in which we could even desire.

Stephen Allen Sr.
Married over 18 Years, Latongela Allen
Two Children, Stephen & Michael
Pastor Stephen Allen Sr.
Truth & Holiness Full Gospel Church
“If you stand up for GOD, HE will stand up for you”
 (Acts 7:54 – 60)